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Stand Alone Complex 1080p A-s

stand alone complex 1080p a-s


Stand Alone Complex 1080p A-s ->



















































Quick notes to be had: There is no lossless audio to be found for the English track[POPGO][StandAloneComplex][24][1080P][BluRay][x264FLACx2AC3x1][chs][00AF227B].ass32.5KB[POPGO][StandAloneComplex][23][1080P][BluRay][x264FLACx2AC3x1][jpn][A22F7179].ass39.4KB.[Ghost in the She S.A.C 2nd GIG S.A.C 2nd GIG][02]BDRIP][1080P][X264 HD][5.1CH].ass49.5KBToggle navigation Sub HD [POPGO][StandAloneComplex][07][1080P][BluRay][x264FLACx2AC3x2][jpn][C595B52F].ass22.9KB[POPGO][StandAloneComplex][21][1080P][BluRay][x264FLACx2AC3x1][chs][0223CBA3].ass36.8KB


Simple stuff, but worth it for a show this goodThanks to Koby for fixing it.Video Track: 1080p-Main10p (VCB-S/philosophy-raws)Audio Track 1 (Default): English 5.1AC3 (VCB-S/philosophy-raws)Audio Track 2: Japanese 5.1 5.1FLAC (VCB-S/philosophy-raws)Subtitle Track 1 (Default): English Signs(.ASS) (OZC)Subtitle Track 2: English Dialogue (.ASS) (OZC)ChaptersI love this show[a-s]g.i.t.s.s.a.c.2ndgig-24-thedejimaair-raidrs2[1080pbd-rip][00CEC9D3].mkv599.64mb [Ghost in the She S.A.C 2nd GIG S.A.C 2nd GIG][09]BDRIP][1080P][X264 HD][5.1CH].ass56.9KB[Ghost in the She Stand Alone Complex S.A.C][03]BDRIP][1080P][X264 HD][5.1CH].ass58.4KB SRT ACGBT - ACG ACG galgame : rBDnofatepieceoneRawstoloveLeopardnarutothe [Ghost in the She S.A.C 2nd GIG S.A.C 2nd GIG][03]BDRIP][1080P][X264 HD][5.1CH].ass52.6KBSTAND ALONE COMPLEXS.A.C.2002480P-MKV+480P-AVIG Hideko no shasho-san A.Matter.Of.Life.And.Death.1946.1080p.BluRay.x264-SiNNERS Kingdom S01E06 6 Americas Next Top Model S21E14 interstellar The.100.S02E05.HDTV.x264-KILLERS.mp4[POPGO][StandAloneComplex][15][1080P][BluRay][x264FLACx2AC3x1][chs][D1761232].ass40.6KB[Ghost in the She S.A.C 2nd GIG S.A.C 2nd GIG][19]BDRIP][1080P][X264 HD][5.1CH].ass51.7KB[a-s]g.i.t.s.s.a.c.2ndgig-12-forthenamelessrs2[1080pbd-rip][3A119FC7].mkv607.55mb [Ghost in the She Stand Alone Complex S.A.C][02]BDRIP][1080P][X264 HD][5.1CH].ass54.9KB[a-s]g.i.t.s.s.a.c.2ndgig-21-routedrs2[1080pbd-rip][2A81323E].mkv615.19mb [a-s]g.i.t.s.s.a.c.2ndgig-01-rebootrs2[1080pbd-rip][6067769F].mkv537.24mb [Ghost in the She S.A.C 2nd GIG S.A.C 2nd GIG][08]BDRIP][1080P][X264 HD][5.1CH].ass63.3KB[Ghost in the She Stand Alone Complex S.A.C][08]BDRIP][1080P][X264 HD][5.1CH].ass53.7KBAll rights reserved 532k

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